Ariel: What’s next?

The nation is waiting; What happened after ‘bebi maluu~’? Should we give a fuck?

Yes, the 3gp rockstar reported free from prison. Honestly, I do not verify the news, but here’s something to think about. There was this moment when teachers in school checked students cellphone, see if they already copy paste the amateur videos. Bandung city council once forbid him to enter the city, dozens of shallow minded community prohibit him for being a moslem. People talking about how big his dick, how pretty luna maya, people using parts of the convo in the 3gp as jokes. Ariel once the enemy of this educated country. Were we overreacting? More people and community banned him in the surface, more people talk about him all the time. More reaction from the nation equals more curiosity to consume those two boner maker videos. It was simple logic, right?

Various forces of character assassination. Did Ariel really lose? Oh yes obviously he lost many time spent in prison. But did he REALLY lose it all?

Girls around me adore him even more. As far as i know,  over exposed media reporting about the case produce some kind of new perspective about the problem itself. The drama (thanks to you, infotainment fuckers) rid our attention from the actual – important thing that happened to us. People are taking sides, Ariel sides. Do you realize that? Plus, people’s tendencies to deliver almost everything as daily jokes to gain attention made the real perspective of the problem was discolored. Ariel did not lose this time. On the contrary, we already lost all of the good message and wise lessons. I challenge you fellow readers to ask people around you; which side they are for this case? Two most possible answers: 1) They do not give a fuck. 2) They’re in Ariel side.


Oh yes i could feel it in my balls, people missed Peter Pan, big friggin time. The comeback of Peter Pan on stage will be huge, i guarantee you. They already finished their material for the next album, but they wait until Mr. sextape free from prison. Could you imagine how people will respond the album? Yes, this paragraph answers the title of this post. Let’s wait and see.

In the end of the day, everything will be back into business. One thing changed: there won’t be questions asking how big Ariel dick is.

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