Who to blame?

If I complain about a traffic jam, I have no one to blame but myself. – Steve Wynn


You could blame the weather, those damn moron public buses, you could blame those zig-zag motorcycles, fake pitiful beggars and street slacking kids, you could blame scary singing shemales yelling at your windows, Metromini and Mikrolet douchebags, you could always blame the government for corrupting the budget for public road, for abandoning public transportation, for letting the TransJakarta become a moving senseless shithole, you could always expressing your unreasonable anger to fancy cars and somehow putting your position as the poor and suffering citizen. You could trash twit traffic jams until you gain thousands of Retweets. Oh yes you could blame those things. Sooner or later we all gonna drown in this mindfucking mental breakdown maze of Jakarta traffic. Oh yes, you and i and all of us.

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