We are rarely proud when we are alone. – Voltaire

If someone ask me, “Did you enjoy your college days?” the answer would be a hundred percent yes. It was fucking beautiful; the freedom, friends, never-ending laughs, journeys, drugs, etc etc. Yes I love every second of it. Spent years in Jatinangor; it was far from creme de la creme, a humble yet exciting environment. Everything felt so real back on those days.

My thought of reminiscence was never arrived before I found an old dusty jacket of my major at college inside my drawer. Glossy gross blue. Few minutes after i finished my laugh looking at it,  I remember there was a time when this jacket put effort to my life, big time. FYI, my major was journalism. Somehow, there was this stupid ‘propaganda’ about how journalist should like: Tough, heroic, ideal, sharp, professional. Well, it’s not entirely bullshit, but this mindset was used a lot by the lecturers to forced us work on heavy – sometimes illogical –  assignment and cope with deadlines and stuff. Together with that, student orientation in my major was a real pain in the ass. Months of torturing papers and projects. Plus, i was the head of the class of 2005. It was known as the hardest survival challenge in the faculty. The orientation was hell on earth, but on the contrary, it also made me meet my greatest friends i ever had, until today.

Long story short, the grand prize of this orientation was this blue jacket. We called it ‘jaket jurnal’. “Jurnal” for Jurnalistik. Idk, but as far as i remember, this jacket was a real deal of pride. Our swag level was increased just to wear this across campus. I believe you know that feelings when you saw bunch of snobs in your campus with same clothes, right? Oh yes, ‘snobs’ is the perfect word to describe it. Hundreds of asses busted to get the orientation done. Yet, after that, the very same orientation made me live at the campus for nearly 3 months. It was a never-ending cycle of mindfucking event. Everyone was invited

And then i started to look at the jacket a little closer. Despite the lame parachute fabric, there are several ornaments of this jacket made with deep philosophy behind it.

There are two white stripes in left arm part, symbolizing two important element of journalism:  Idealism & Professionalism. Idealism refers to how you write as a journalist, putting the truth at the front of all priority, yea those Bill Kovach 9 elements stuff. The Professionalism stripe refers to the obedience to deadlines, the profession ethic codes etc etc etc.

The blue globe is the Jurnalistik Unpad logo. You could notice there’s a dude with a backpack – who actually looks like a farmer – moving to the left. It symbolize the dynamic movement of journalism world where journalist covers everything around the world, and the relevance proximity between journalist across the world. No info about the two blue stars in right and left side of the globe. Pretty swag, eh?

In the right arm, you could find an 4th Estate emblem, “The Press” and the colors of national flag. The 4th estate refers to journalism position as the watchdog. Trias Politica theory by John Locke told that the main elements of government is Executive, Legislative and Yudicative / law function. The watchdog conception, according to which, the media is supposed to serve as a controller of government, is one among the oldest main beliefs in journalism. The idea was spread by Edmund Burke. The British dude claimed the press as the fourth element, after Lords, Churchs and Commons.
Under the fourth estate, it’s my student number. nothing special.

Now I’m working as a journalist. The reality turns out pretty far from what my lecturer said and the jacket told about the journalism world. It’s a shitty world, there are no heroes, no Pulitzer, nothing epic and it goes just like another day at the office. I’m not saying i hate the job. I love it, but the effort to build the expectation about journalism in college days sounds nothing like the reality. I still think that this job is one of the coolest in the world.

Well, it was six years ago. I admit, feels great to have that kind of jacket. It feels good to wear a jacket with such philosophy and meanings. Feels like we are prepared to something huge, feels like we are gonna be heroes. You obviously know that Tintin, Peter Parker and Clark Kent are journalists. A well produced propaganda.

For that, i thank you whoever you are who made that propaganda. Without it, maybe i won’t survived college days. Without it, maybe i would not able to found great friends and  unforgettable journeys. If i didn’t get fucked up that day, i would not realize what is my real priorities of life and how to design my dreams and ambitions. In the end of the day, this lousy jacket is more than a memorable identity joke. It is really something. Cheers, oh my glossy gross Jaket Jurnal.

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    • purwarupa May 21, 2013

      True to that. Despite the coolness, the first thing that you have to specify is what kind of career that you wanna achieve in the future. Obviously, Jurnal establishes their students to be Journalists. You have to deal and predict the consequences. The importance is in your future career.

      There will be LOTS of assignments, your life will be miserable but as far as i know, it will also give you great friends, kinship and crazy moments. Good luck!

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