The Year of Hibernation – Youth Lagoon

When i was seventeen, my mother said to me “Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die. ” – 17

22 year old Idaho musician Trevor Power writes a very simple and touching music. Fresh, melodious and easy ingredients cooked with a thick reverb party, makes you wanna sit and wonder about your childhood. Behind gorgeous choruses, most of the lyrics told about memories, detailed situation of past, takes you straight into hidden places of your childhood.

The dynamic of the songs is pretty much predictable, the overall mix is very bedroom-ish, and that vulnerability aspect of the production makes it even more beautiful. I gave my instant love to “Cannons”, “Afternoon”, “17” and “Posters”. What makes it really good is the urging feeling of sincerity. Feels like they doesn’t push it too much, technically speaking. Once again, imperfection wins.

Video: Youth Lagoon – Montana

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