Hipster Bolu

These past months, I noticed people all go crazy with this Red Velvet Cake. “Have you tried it? Friggin delicious! “, “Oh my god this cake is so unique, the layer, the cheese, totally worth the price!” FYI, the price of 1 slice of RVC is approximately IDR 30k – 60k.

So, last Saturday I ate a spoon of Red Velvet Cake. Paid my curiosity in Google and found out that the only difference between sponge cake (known as Bolu) and Red Velvet Cake is: RVC use more cocoa and buttermilk. Indonesian ate Bolu since i don’t know, 50 years ago? While you could find Bolu in various traditional markets, RCV served in classy restaurants and urban hangout spots as dessert menu. They both taste nearly the same, feels like eating a long-lost brother of Bolu. How much do you have to pay for a slice of Bolu? Ten times cheaper than Red Velvet Cake.

My point is, this cake is one example of how things in Jakarta happens. You put ‘hipster value’ into things that already there for a long time, grab socialite and public figure attention to be euphorically excited for it, and voila, there you go: a new trend. The saddest part of trends in Jakarta, once it goes into mass attention, you know that it will sink soon enough. Once you could see it everywhere, its a clear sign that the trend will be over. They who literally dig new things and involved in the real deal will be hampered with hipster who actually didn’t give a fuck about it, as long they’re into the new trends.

For instance; Fixie Bikes. Okay, it’s gearless, it’s healthy, it support global warming, it’s colorful. Despite all of that points, It was a huge trend last year. But now, it’s over. All that left is REAL people with REAL community and REAL commitment with fixie bikes. Hipster? Youngsters? They all busy shuffling in 7-11. Red Velvet Cakes, Fixie Bikes, Shuffle dance are just another trend that passed Jakarta. I give 6 more months prediction for shuffle dance, before the trend is over. Trends will lost all of its coolness, once they got everywhere. Mass media always over exposed the opportunity of trends in Jakarta & misused the value of cool things. It happens all the time, from skate boarding, break dancing, build-up cars, lomo cameras, mohawk haircut, the term INDIE MUSIC, etc etc etc.

As a capital city, Jakarta is the early adopter to trends in Indonesia. But the pace is too fast, leaving people with just minimal effort to understand about the trend itself. People who always seek for new identity (mostly youngsters) will adapt the trend as fast as they could, without any responsibility to understand what it really is. I wonder, if people realize what Red Velvet Cake really is, they will visit traditional markets for Bolu cake instead of spending unreasonable money for red hipster Bolu in urban places.

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  1. gelaph February 27, 2012

    Where did you eat the RVC? Tastes so so in some places, but it’s kinda foodgasm in one place, at least for me.
    Bolu is delicious also, of course. It’s only about market target. 😀

    • purwarupa February 27, 2012

      Ate it in a bar at SCBD, b**rgarden. But you could find it at Un*on, and several places in Jakarta. No i think it’s not just about target market. It’s about the value of something, and how we considered it to be important. The point is bigger than just the cake, actually. Thanks for the comment, btw. 🙂

      • gelaph February 28, 2012

        Hmm I see. It could be important in 2 ways then. It’s only “life style” or “following the trend” for some people, but a “new hobby” or “new excitement” for the others. 🙂

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