Soul Meets Body

It was a hot and sticky night at Fort Canning, but somehow the weather felt just normal. What I considered abnormal is the fact that DCFC’s tour T-Shirt is way too expensive. The price was around three-quarter of my whole budget for the trip – USD 35. I tried to forget about the shirt and get hyped on the marching crowd into the center of the venue.

Watching DCFC was indeed, an emotion masturbation for me. Clean-cut songwriting and beautifully written music arrangements, thrive through my soul. They caught my attention since high school days, and their latest piece Code & Keys is my syllabus to define the phrase indie-rock.

I stalked their latest set list and found that they put a unique yet splendid song opener for the set on their latest gigs: Lack of Color. I’m not a believer for Lack of Color for an opener song until I heard Ben played the guitar intro. Massive singalong and when Ben sang the part “This is fact not fiction,” I suddenly realized that watching Death Cab for Cutie was finally, a fact for me. Not a fiction. The show is just begun. I was officially Emo that night. It’s hard not to be mushy when DCFC playing songs you grew up with.

Right after Lack, Harmer kicked the killer bassline of I Will Posses Your Heart, the psychedelic-hypnotizing song that raised many critiques from media, telling that they were trying too hard to be different. For me, the song is just a mind-blowing bomb. I have to agree that Narrow Stairs may sounded a little bit different, but since evolution equals putting risk on everything, it was totally tolerable.

If this is a football match, Mcgerr would be the man of the match. He wasn’t even looks like trying to hit the drums with proper power, but it was sounded like heaven for me. Every detail, tiny staccato and syncope was loud and clear. In the other side, Walla put his consistency through strong rhythm fillings and exploding riffs. The stage, lighting and the venue was as simple you could imagine, but the performance was an ace for me. There was a bit of technical problems, where Ben mentioned his other personality called Sticky Heat – it’s the situation when he become sensitive and easily angry in sticky weather and hot venues.

Many surprises; Ben played the extra drum set on We Looked like Giants, a double bass on my personal favorite – Tiny Vessel. I was so happy when they played Marching Bands of Manhattan right before they closed the set for encore. All of the obligatory songs were played – Photobooth, Grapeyard Vines, You are a Tourist, What Sarah Said, Movie Script Ending, Soul Meets Body, I Will Follow You Into the Dark. They didn’t play Your Heart is an Empty Room, but it was okay for me.

The last song for Encore was perfect; Transatlanticism. Enough said. I need DFCF much closer.

photo: setlist courtesy of @hasief

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