I’m not a fascist for a certain kind of genre, but i still remember that era when we could find real music in the telly. Everything was so real, considering in-your-face tunes, attitude and some ballsy lyrics. These songs were planted inside my head, during school era at the 90s. Collided in many ways, here are some sips of 90s Indonesian Grunge/Alternative, take a listen.

Ahmad Band – Distorsi

“Yang muda mabok, yang tua korup..”

Long before he become baldy weird and too business oriented, Ahmad Dhani once form a band, with his six string partner Andra and Netral starter drummer Bimo. The song starts with a very catchy and shaky guitar riffs, leads into Bimo’s noisy drum. You could recognize some 90s touch on some part in the video such as flower-pattern pants, lousy clubbing scene and that itchy color saturation. However, the timing of this video was perfect, snipe at the early reformation regime, exposing about major changes at the nation. Drunk youth versus corrupt bureaucrats.

Nugie – Tertipu

“Harum wangi tubuh, tebar aroma beratus bunga mawar itu palsu, itu topeng..”

Beautiful lyrics. There was this semiotics on Indonesian 90s lyrics, which is very-very good. The song kicked in with honest distortion on the guitar, covered with a consistent traditional javanese chanting. Spotted exciting stuff: lots of epic “belah tengah” hairstyle, flanels, eye hurting backdrop (sunshine bright yellow), and most important; fresh tunes. Somehow i could say this song defines local alternative song. Katon Bagaskara’s little brother wrote a piece about sick of fake things, and trying to be real. The best moment of the video must be the zoom-in newspaper headline. Take a look. Effing 90s cool vid.

Plastik – Seperti

“Bagaikan apa sajalah..”

This is when Ipang sings like Eddie Vedder. Plastik is one of the best underrated-enjoyable bands on the 90s. ‘Seperti’ has this ‘gloomy laid-back’ atmosphere, which you could find in many 90s alternative-rock bands such as Bush, Matchbox twenty, etc etc. A simple and effective song.

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