5W (Without 1H) on why journalists should watch The Newsroom

WHAT Will McAvoy  – who anchors America’s second most watch news program in the business – said a very vulgar statement publicly and things are just turning upside down afterwards. Dealing with a new production team which consist of intimidating ex-girlfriend, journalism newbie and freshgrads, Will  – who popularly known as a rating whore in the industry – has to ridicule other news program by turning the game into real journalism roller coaster with pure value of truth and so-called the United States’ essence of freedom.

WHO Jeff Daniels – Emily Mortimer – Sam Waterston – Alison Pill – Dev Patel – Olivia Munn

WHERE + WHEN Douchebags illegally download it on the net, but you could find it at HBO Series, every Sunday 10 pm US cable time

WHY What I adore most on The Newsroom is the fact that they are really push it to the limit on balancing every side of the news. I mean, EVERY SIDE. News broadcast production needs speed on news gathering, but unbalanced journalism seems like the end of history for them. You could spot scenes of long arguments which features cool quotes, real-time context and smart-historical gimmick about how they really want it to be a good journalism piece. Even though i fully realize that this is an Emmy potential series and scripted, but IMO the dialogs reflects many aspects of todays journalism.

The next reason on why you should watch it is because The Newsroom also presenting the eternal editorial VS business controversy. The big picture is it always chaotic and full of adrenaline, meanwhile in the news section they are struggling producing punishing journalism, the business elites also fight for the program. This shows that the controversy is always happening everywhere, every time. In the early episodes, business guys was somehow framed as the antagonist and i fully agree with that haha.

The final reason is less important; like every other series, in The Newsroom you could find drama and love story which pretty interesting. It’s somehow an important ingredients in a series – or maybe in life? I obviously don’t have to explain the H factor, right (in case you don’t understand, it stands for HOW)?

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