8 things about TDKR

This post is a heavy spoiler. You’ve been warned, folks.

1. It’s not about Batman, it’s always about Gotham. A superhero is often affiliate a city, and Nolan put Gotham  bigger role in the trilogy. So, it’s not about Batman anymore, it’s about Gotham. Batman is the object, injustice is the predicate, and Gotham is indeed, the subject. Since Gotham is not exist in the real world, it could be a metaphor for any city in the world, and Nolan is fully realized about that aspect, so he turn Gotham into a specific semiotics. Everybody said Gotham is NY, but IMO it could be anywhere. Anywhere where you could find injustice and imbalance. Humane.

2. Speaking of imbalance, i have to say that Ra’s Al Ghul and The League of Shadows also have their point. It is logical for them to do what they did and execute their plans. From the beginning (rewind to Batman: Begins please) Ra’s Al Ghul see Gotham as the corrupted city and the helpless shithole of crime and injustice. In order to restore balance in the whole world, they must destroy it. But their way is truly radical and extreme. So if you get the bigger picture, Ra’s Al Ghul has a perspective. You could compare it to gangs of terrorist bomber in real world who wants to restore balance in the world. This aspect is described through genius script, and once again; to make it become most humane superhero movie ever.

3. This is the first superhero movie with a twist. As far as i know, putting a twist in a superhero movie is the hardest thing to do; you already know the cast, you already know the story, you read the comic, you watch the cartoon, so there is no chance for surprise. But Nolan did it. And Talia Al Ghul is definitely a beautiful surprise.

4. If you pay attention close to all of Alfred Pennyworth’s sentence, he said many important things. From the beginning of the movie, he already warned Bruce about Bane and his doubt about Batman’s comeback. He warned Bruce to stay as Bruce Wayne. “The city doesn’t need Batman, it needs Bruce Wayne!” He said. Alfred said every possible choice Bruce Wayne could choose, to become normal person, live a normal life. Alfred is the only family left for Bruce. On the contrary, Bruce’s loyalty for Gotham have no currency.

5. Many discussion about “what if Ledger is still alive? The joker would be a perfect addition in the end of the trilogy.” No it is not. Why? Simple. Joker is not part of The League of Shadows. The relevance of Joker as a dominant character will hurt the story.

6. Many people fire protest about the ending scene, when Alfred see Bruce hanging out with Selina Kyle in Florence. I see it as a very logical condition. Both Bruce and Selina are craving for a new fresh start in their life. Bruce is a heartbroken multibillionaire orphan, and Selina is a master jewelry theft. “The clean slate” for both of them. In some ways, the connection between Selina and Bruce shows that a superhero could be framed as antagonist as villains, and for me, this point reveal what would happen if there’re real superhero in real life. They could easily associated as villains, also. And btw, Nolan doesn’t introduce Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, and you couldn’t find any dialog mentioned the word “Catwoman” in the movie.

7. Excellent scoring, a true masterpiece from Hans Zimmer. The tense is built through overlapped scenes in the same time confuse your brain and overflow your adrenaline.

8. The Dent act barred thousands of Gotham’s Criminal but in the end, Bane reveal that the Dent act is a lie. This might be an exaggeration, but a true hero left all of the public attention for a bigger cause. Batman took the Blame and Dent act, disappeared for eight years for Gotham. There’s a true hero behind every heroes. The idea about Batman as the symbol is perfectly delivered.




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