How Taring delivers the message

You could crosscheck it with Dylan, Lennon, De la Rocha etc; since centuries ago, ideas & messages are delivered through music (you could start with googling “protest song”). Beside the good music itself, a song with right recipe has the infinite power to gather voices and burned down certain expression into one big mass power. That way, you could literally communicate through music. We have era of ballsy songs, era when social – cultural changes are transmitted through sing-alongs, slam dances and cassettes.

Same like other form of art, the interpretation of certain music often ends with a very subjective point of view – which is not wrong at all. You could interpret any song with your point of view, translate the lyrics meaning and adapt it freely. But if the band making a clear statement about what kind of assessment that inspired them to write the lyrics, it is totally a different game.

Seringai – arguably the most dangerous high-octane rock motherfuckers w/ attitude in the country – fully realize the needs to deliver their inspiration to their listeners. If you open Taring CD, you could find explanations of the lyrics in each song that they wrote. When I first opened it, the words caught my attention, and my first reaction is to relate the lyrics with the explanations.

IMO these explanations is an important thing to do. To be able to really communicate with the audience and listeners, you have to minimize every obstacle (in my college days, this obstacle was called ‘noise’) of interpretation. In Communication discipline perspective, Seringai really wants to connect with their listeners through their songs, and they want to make sure that the meaning of their songs are delivered perfectly.

All of the songs have strong background. For instance, “Dilarang di Bandung” is about Beside tragedy in Bandung, “Tragedi” is about how conservative people generalize certain phenomenon with lack of faith in religion, “Serenada Membekukan Api” is about the moral of the people regarding porn movies. Every song has its own story. “Gaza” – my personal favorite – is an instrumental track, involving dozens of supporting musician, portray the frightening situation in Gaza during the war. In “Program Party Seringai”, they are not afraid to tell us that they “borrow” several style and revelation from other bands, convert it into Seringai’s style – which IMO happens in many bands even tough most of them are afraid to admit it.

This attempt means that Arian, Sammy, Ricky and Khemod are writing something REAL, something really happened, current issues, not just cheesy stuff , absurd anger and dreamy non-sense. Also, it shows responsibility in music creation to deliver the message, which IMO is a rare thing to find in the local scene these days.

Beside all of that, their music in Taring is effing good. Salute!

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