Michael Kiwanuka

Just like other people, i met him via the repented blues semigod John Mayer. His explanation in tumblr about Michael Kiwanuka feels so humane and make sense for me.

Getting provoked by Mayer’s recommendation, i continue on clicking Youtube videos, personal site, social media and still amazed until now on how he become so simple and amusing. Define him with soul, pop, folk or whatever your choice of music biz vocab, this North Londoners is an honest, real, humble yet charming musician.

I believe you guys are well informed about what most people sing about nowadays. Between the ludicrous auto-tuned pop club megahits surrounding us in charts and radio shows, he sneak, stand up and telling us a short story about putting faith for god (I’m getting ready), a journey about missing home and moving on (home again), and anesthetized our pulse with a well devised pop-motown-soul song on tell me a tale and I’ll get along.

 A serious proximity is detected via beautiful lyrics, down-to-earth acoustic guitar and ass kicking horn section. Listen to him carefully, you might find yourself and your biggest fear in his songs. Works for me.

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