Sounds From The Corner is ON

Sounds From The Corner is an Indonesia based project created by Dimas Wisnuwardono and Teguh Wicaksono. It is a project that extends the honesty of real music performances for your hungry eyes and ears. It is a project that born in the middle of local music scenes, delivering nifty and well produced music videos visually and audibly.

To understand what makes Sounds From The Corner such a precise tool for exposure and publicity, consider four facts: viewers have decent access to the videos, it’s a live music performance – far from lip-synced senseless show, all of the bands are curated with heart and quality is the currency.

Sounds From The Corner is made to support and appreciate all of good music out there, to connect all of the dots into the right place. We are trying to exhibit great local music to the next level of appreciation, both local and  (hopefully) international. Do visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We’re open for any kind of critics, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations. Go Straight to, tweet it, spread the good news! Enjoy.

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