Til Kingdom Come

I always have a ridiculous & religious bond with Coldplay. Their MX Live DVD was screened in theaters in 60 countries last night, and I was one of the lucky fans to watched it in the movie. Unconsciously, this four piece London lads have been there with me, getting through many phase of life, excitements, joy and sorrows. You know that moment when you realize that a band could mean so much for you.

When it goes to liking / become a fan to a band, I am not expressing it through posters, profile pictures in social media, pin-ups, mailing lists and stuff. Never interpolate myself with such identity that define me as a fan of a band. The last psychical gimmick that I adopted was Robert Smith’s hair style. It was high school, years ago. Fail, yes it was.

When it goes to liking a band, I go deep into their history. Dig their contents – especially lyrics, their performance and core values such as their cultural backgrounds, political situation and their geographical factors in their song writing. These things are just too damn exciting, and I am whole-hearted and ready for any surprises I met in the process of discovering a band.

For me, Coldplay’s musicianship is genuinely firm. As a fan, I witnessed an evolution from a brit-rock rookie in early 2000 into music moguls today, presenting sold-out stadium gigs with of the hook inventions, collective euphoria and producing massive sing-alongs. Personally, this band emphasize phases in my life, help me understand God’s signs and messages, help me make decisions through their music and lyrics, and heal my wounds from trying to lived my life to the fullest. This is not an exaggeration.

Parachutes is released when I was in Junior High, getting to know music and passed through my clumsy days as teenager. I was fell in love with Sparks, Life is for Living and Spies. Rush of Blood to the Head could have been my only savior for my romance life in High School. X&Y is so personal, listening to Fix You, Til Kingdom Comes and The Hardest Part every night and praying to God for my SPMB test. When they released Viva La Vida, I was in Sukabumi for two months doing a college project. I was surprised for every changes they made as a band, how Chris gleam such obsolete atmosphere and the feeling of dying in the album, made me love them even more.

That time, I thought that Viva la vida is their bravest album. After thinking that the next album is going to be darker, I was effing surprised when Mylo Xyloto released. I was in Laos, doing expedition with Natgeo. Mind blowing colors, lyrics of rebel and redemption, seeking identity odes wrapped with a mixture between established sound and those bedroom-imperfection are absolutely stunning. They’re definitely benched into another level of musicianship, applying fantastic live performance experience through confetti, lighting and mind fucking Mylo Bands.

Watching their live DVD last night with good audio and video quality is indeed, a religious activity for me. So Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny. Thank you for your music.

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