Convenience store, really?

Music product in Indonesia has lost its values

Couple months ago, I had this intense conversation with a friend/drummer/producer about his plan to put upcoming album in a convenience store. Of course, today this type of marketing strategy is perceptibly normal, I suppose. I believe you are not surprised anymore finding music albums sold in the same place with soap, deodorant, ketchup and other daily needs. Obviously, digitalism & piracy in Indonesia has been obviously slaughtered the industry. Plus, the fallen of CD stores these past times has marked another phase for the market. So, where is the future for psychical releases?

Lets see the problem inside a point of view. From the beginning of the industry, music products sold in a special place called music store, not sold together with other kind of products. We don’t mix them with groceries or lingerie. Why? Basically, it’s because in music there are special values from the products. In case you forgot, a music album is an art entity.

Music itself is a part of the world of art. When it becomes massive, we could start to subsume music as part of industry. But basically, it is an art. So, music has special distribution place not like other products, because it has certain values, as an art product. You couldn’t get an exquisite painting in 7E, don’t you? For a painting, you go to a gallery & compete in an auction. That is the nature of art products.

So, practically, when you find music album sold in convenience stores, there is one explanation for that: there has been a degradation of values in physical releases of music products. It has lost its values as an art entity. What left in music products is the perspective albums as an economy commodity. Musicians and the industry have to succumb with the reality that Indonesian people are not that interested anymore with music products. CD’s are not that special anymore.

Modern/cutting edge musicians start to look for other form of psychical release. Most of them choose vinyl as the new format, to make it look more exclusive. But again, it is not an economical complementary for conventional music products (CD, DVD, Cassettes). You couldn’t count on Vinyl for sales.

To conclude, CD’s, tampons, and toothpaste are in the same level right now. Some people say it just the matter of the distribution channel, but in my opinion it’s way bigger than that. As an art entity, music products have lost its values. And the bitter part is, we have to yield in front of the circumstances, because is it basically a dead-end anyway.

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