Blunted under the Boss of Blunderbuss


Jack White is a kind of musician that establishes his own planet around him, throw middle fingers to everyone and somehow made the world fell for anything that born from his fingers. There are limited people who possessed such firm character, deliberately hopping from one personality into another form and still spryly lure so many eyes to watch and appreciate him.

Most musicians often fail in second or third attempt being a chameleonist. But this one is somehow gifted for every kind of sockets and concepts.

You found him played in a duo, in a band, conducted riot behind a drum set and now, stand for himself by the name of Jack White.

As if he has his own team, Jack White is a man of unlimited gimmick. Jack himself is one complete pack of news peg. He could downplay all of the unnecessary and uphold the cold coolness and the quintessence of real music. You don’t find Jack White in E! news or getting picked by Joan Rivers, guilty for the eccentric outfits. You meet him through genius guitar riffs, genuine taste of sound and witty yet freaky lyrics.

Clearly, it is not an exaggeration if I would name him as the face of the modern rock. Coupled with Meg White, along with The Strokes and many other starters in early 2000s, The White Stripes started the new phase of Rock music.

Blunderbuss – White’s latest piece – on the other hand is raw, evil, and bold. Blunderbuss is like Robert Johnson teaching your big grinning – countryside uncle Delta Blues. My first experience watch White played songs from Blunderbuss was at SNL with two different supporting bands, a normal band and an all female band dressed in white just for “Love Interruption”. Typical Jack White: Unnecessary coolness.

White uses a different kind of approach in songwriting, making Blunderbuss lyrics become witty and pity. He’s a rad storyteller, I must say. Intermediate level of distortion, country blues piano coming side by side with solid but obsolete drum.

My personal favorite is Freedom at 21, a composition of rich ghost notes, impressive vocal line and luring guitar riffs. Other tracks are interesting: Love Interruption has strong (and somehow creepy) lyrics. Never thought the songs will be Grammy material, until he actually nominated for Blunderbuss.

Right now, Jack White is standing in a place where every art that he produces is golden, and every gimmick that he pulled is ace. Blunderbuss is just a perfect addition for the whole game.

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