SFTC article on The Jakarta Post


Putera Hasudungan, Contributor, Jakarta | Sci-Tech | Sun, November 11 2012

Easy Internet access has changed the way audiences enjoy and interact with music.

Ten years ago, music enthusiasts might have had to sit nervously in front of the television, waiting with anticipation for their favorite musicians to appear in video clips.

Today, video clips are fading away from television screens, now replaced by the live broadcast of musicians’ stage performances. The waiting is no longer necessary.

Music fans are now backed by the power of Internet, which allows them to access music videos on websites such as youtube.com and vimeo.com.

The changing trend has inspired Teguh Wicaksono and Dimas Wisnuwardono to create soundsfromthecorner.com, to serve as a library of well-produced music performance videos that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.

“There has been a shift in the behavior of people appreciation of music videos. This change makes producing video clips for television less attractive than before,” Teguh said.

Live performance is the highest form of musicianship.

Teguh said that through the live performances available on the website, viewers could appreciate musical integrity, without the editing process that is apparent in recording studios or lip-sync performance — evident in television productions.

Many Indonesians, he said, are weak on documentation and musicians are not excluded from this.

Teguh said that many musicians do not save videos of their live performances; something that could actually become very important in the future.

“We are still focusing on only creating videos,” he said, regarding the website.

The website has been online since July 2010 as Dimas’ personal project until Teguh asked him to run the project collaboratively.

The cooperation goes on, the two plan to post a new video every two weeks.On the website, visitors can have a up close and personal look at performances by several renowned musicians, such as Raisa Andriana, Maliq & D’Essentials, Soulvibe and The Experience Brothers.

Widi Puradiredja of Maliq & D’Essentials said that music videos are one of the promotion tools used by musicians to promote albums and musical concepts.

He said that music videos play a crucial role for musicians — just by looking a music video, people understand what kind of music is offered by a musician.

His band spent tens of millions of rupiah in production costs for each video clip from 2004 to 2008. A justified cost because the budget is associated to the sales target of an album, he added.

Maliq & D’Essentials first album was managed by Warner Music Indonesia. In 2008, the band decided to establish its own recording company; Organic Records but they are still in partnership with Warner Music Indonesia for distribution and promotion.

“The change [of music trends] may not affect musicians, who have signed contracts with indie labels, or independent performers thanks to the easy process offered by video-sharing websites and social media,” he said.

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