Why I Travel


It’s clearly not a mistake when someone said that traveling is his/her hobby. It is also obviously accurate if someone said that traveling is his/her favorite activity during weekends and holidays.

There is no single doubt that traveling brought me into the next level of living. Its punishing yet beautiful process of self-discovery has taught me to be who I am today. For that, I am truly grateful.

For me, traveling is never about souvenirs. It is about breaking boundaries of limitation inside our perspective. After years of working as travel writer, the universe convinced me that traveling is not just about the destination anymore. It is not about how many places you have been to, but how deep those places change you into better person. Traveling is always about the human. It’s about you. It’s about me too.

Traveling teaches you to compromise. You will reconsider your point of view towards life. We humans are so resemblant, yet so different. Traveling teaches you to be tolerant. Colors will enliven, not confine. Religion will unify, not disintegrate. It will elaborate your humanity into tiny little pieces of empathy, until you realize that at the bottom of everything, every single human being is equal.

Traveling teaches you to plan, predict, arrange and be responsible for surprises in the middle of the road. Your expectations will be chastened by reality, which slowly instructs you to become slowly wiser day by day. Traveling entwines both your heart and your brain.

Traveling is the best way to reveal someone’s personality. You will meet hundreds of discussions, decision-makings, arguments, heart-melting moments, unpredictable shits, fun people, not very fun people, tourist traps, hawker scams and to experience all of those things will reflect his/her personality.

Travel more. Behind your silly perspective, you always thought that everyone is okay, everything is fine and under control, until you pack your bag and travel somewhere. See the Killing Fields. Cross Abbey Road. Smoke Weed in Phi Phi. Witness the universe. Traveling collides beauty, misery, history and everything that your senses need to survive. Get lost. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.

(Photo: The majestic fields of gold at Wairindi, a deserted area lies between West and East Sumba. Photo by Reynold Sumayku, taken from one of my expeditions with National Geographic Indonesia )

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