In the end, everyone leaves

Real lives are the reason why we want to live another life – Out of This World // The Cure

In the end, everyone leaves. Some people came in a prompt period, yet leaving such an enormous remnants, either positively or negatively. Some people unintentionally crashed for archaic times yet give so little meanings. Some people resemble certain feelings, certain moments in your life that you secretly embrace.

Some people represent a memory, a tragedy and when you accidentally confront them, you will see so much of yourself and how things were done back in those days. You introspect, you will return to that posthaste second when everything happened, when they were with you. Some people are returning back to your life through movies, songs, books, gifts, and scents. The presence of people is so strong it actually moves you into various kinds of levels. Some people will make you see patterns. Life patterns.

Some people will get the best out of you. Some people will make you realize who you really are, despite all of those images that you build your whole life. Some people will speak loudly through silence and benignly leave you with nothing but your conscience. Some people are mirrors. They will give you poignant lessons, kind wounds and sad laughs. Some people are really hard to forget, even when you’re trying your best. Some people will make you heartless, and other will make you so deliberately mushy. It is bizarre how other people have the ability to change you, both better and worse. But in the end, everyone leaves.

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