Mr. Rabbit


Mr. Rabbit is not happy. He smiles, but inside he is grumpy. He moves his left ear back and forth, and hops slowly into his handcrafted wooden kitchen, where he put all of his fresh carrots. Different like any other rabbits in the forest, he is a bit OCD with his carrots. He carefully arranged them based on the size, the orange-ness, and the date. Mr. Rabbit likes details. No, he is crazy for details. Today is Mr. Rabbit’s birthday. His wish is a simple one: to be anything except himself.

Mr. Rabbit is annoyed, that the whole forest is making fun of him. Mr. Elephant for instance, is always making fun of the way he walks. With his protruding trunk, Mr. Elephant nudged Mr. Rabbit’s cheek every time he sees Mr. Rabbit. “Mr. Rabbit does not walk, he maturely hops!” said Mr. Elephant, followed by boisterous laugh from other forest inhabitants.

Mr. Rabbit is peeved. He wants people to consider him as an adult, but others just see him as a cute unadorned white rabbit. The more he wanted to show that he has guts, the more people mock him. Mr. Lion once deliberately roared at Mr. Rabbit’s ears in front of the forest hall, just to prove that his ears are real. Scared and shocked, Mr. Rabbit was so embarrassed and ran to the dark woods.

He was so sad for the fact that he was born as a rabbit. He went home and started to curse at himself. For weeks, he locked himself in his house. He wanted to transform himself. He learned to walk instead of hop but his paws were twisted. He tried to eat meat, but always ended up with carrots. He tried to hide his big ears. He tried everything to make him look less like a rabbit but it was useless. He denies his fate. Mr. Rabbit doesn’t want to be a rabbit.

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