These are two videos that me and my group made for Multimedia Production course in my Postgraduate program. Despite the fact that I’m familiar with all of these stuff, I never really film and produce a video with journalism approach by myself. So essentially, for me this is quite a novelty.

Of course, the information paradigm in video journalism is blatantly different compared with old-school print. While in print you could leave the audience with room to imagine and masticate, video provides a different kind of certainty. Video has more basic elements (audio, video, etc) and gives journalists more space to be creative in terms of technicality. In print, creativity leans its shoulder on the ability to build story through words and photos.

Although today these two hackneyed forms already combined and enhanced in the new Digital Journalism platform, each has its own perks and obstacles. I personally found challenging problems in how we should set the information flow. Anyway, I spent good times making these videos.  Working in a group of three, I think we did good.

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