#myfriend Dimas Wisnuwardono

#myfriend is a series of simple posts made to send gratitude for friends in my life. It struck me that I don’t really posses the proper aptitude expressing my feelings towards people I care about. Sometimes life accelerates too fast it numbs your heart. And this, is how i rectify.

Dimas is the perfect opener for this series of posts, because since today (19/4) he is officially and happily married! First time I met Dimas Wisnuwardono was around 2009 through a band that I managed. He voluntarily took photos and videos for The Trees and The Wild in gigs and uploaded them to Youtube and Facebook. After awhile, he became close with the band and permanently joined the band in gigs and tours.

At that time I could say around the local music scene, Dimas was one of the first people who regularly published and promote documentation of bands through social media. The scene was enticingly emerging and local bands just realised the magnitude of social media.

I remember one of the most appealing uploads he made was The Trees and The Wild live at Superbad!, which  – I hope this is not an exaggeration – instantly set new standard of live-music documentation in Jakarta’s scene. Another substantial moment was Dua Tiang Tujuh Layar, a short documentary about Pinisi, where I became the Producer and he was the Director. And in 2012, I helped Dimas co-founded Sounds From The Corner. The project is still running, until today.

Professionally, Dimas is a yes-man with attitude. Working with him in various projects, I learned that Dimas has the capability and the flexibility to be realistic, consistent but also open for ideas and breakthrough. I’m so thankful that he continually put faith in me every time we work on projects. His character in his works is strong and significant. He is that type of guy who genuinely walk the talk.

He understands my views towards stuff, and i feel that I could actually actualise and execute things properly with him. Personally, Dimas is one of the humblest people i know. Amid the fact that he could be a total douche realising the weight of talent that he has, Dimas is totally a serene guy. I believe that in the future, all of the process and effort that he has brought with his works will ended beautifully.

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