#myfriend Mira Sumanti

#myfriend is a series of simple posts made to send gratitude for friends in my life. It struck me that I don’t really posses the proper aptitude expressing my feelings towards people I care about. Sometimes life accelerates too fast it numbs your heart. And this, is how i rectify.

Not only posted as a #myfriend series, this post also marks 1 decade of friendship with my good friend Mira Sumanti. The year was 2004, we were in the clamorous high school days, at the tip of crossroads and decisions. One of the most funny encounters ever, we were unpurposedly put on the same car (my brother’s) to a Linkin Park concert in North Jakarta (Yes, unfortunately we used to like them. IMO Hybrid Theory was the perfect puberty album) with my friend Mario and my cousin Auliya. Since that day we became good friend.

In that era, she was quite a character. Mira was still in her Goth days, dressing up with thick eyeliner, black nail polish, and ultimately her signature bit: upper lip piercing. I remember entering her room, instantly shocked and bemused on how many band posters she had, 90% of them were rock/metal bands except her dirty little guilty pleasure; Spice Girls. Early 00’s, our friendship was built on a firm foundation:  taste of humour, late night milkshake (Suwiryo) and cheap movie theatre (Plaza Semanggi). Amid her intriguing youth appearance, Mira was a bright girl. In fact, that was her ultimate twist. We shared a lot of silly memories together, from watching Indonesian Idol – where she unpredictably fainted – to a bizarrely absurd shroom trip in Bali.

If someone asks me who’s responsible for my decision to be a journalist, Mira could be the one to blame. Right before she moved to Amsterdam in 2005, Mira published this legendary DIY zine called Gincu Berdarah, and I contributed an article. It was, as far as I can remember, my first piece that published publicly. Basically I was being a proper asshole in that article, brutally honest, mocking people and telling people to get a grip of themselves. My debut in journalism was a sarcastic piece filled with blasphemy and tounge-lashing. It was so silly that last week when I visited Mira in Amsterdam we looked at it and laughed our ass off so hard. It was incredibly funny to recall those days of genuine honesty, seasoned with plain sarcasm and pointy perspectives.


The visit to Amsterdam gave me a lot to think about. We discussed stuff about family, career and relationship. Meeting an old friend like her made me realised how far we have come in life. Transitions, changes and decisions. At the moment, Mira herself is currently standing on an intersection of her life, so for me the conversations were kinda deep and revealing in the same time.

I always see Mira as someone who knows herself so well. Despite being an incredible host, she is visionary and always full of ideas. Coupled with her strict values, Mira is also a conceptual person. She is currently in the final phase of interviews for a new job at one of the biggest companies in the planet right now, and I’m crossing my fingers for that!  Inevitably, the trip contributes lessons for me, and it’s so relieving to finally paid your old friend a visit.

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