QUBTV: Barito Pet Market

Guys, quick question. which one defines the word bizarre: a love triangle (nice try) or bare chested dude randomly selling an ancient wild turtle called “alligator” (what?) on a packed sidewalk. Approximately 20 kilograms ago, good friend Ibong – whom I met in a crazy expedition with Natgeo couple years ago – asked me to host his project QUBTV to embrace weirdness in Jakarta. It was couple of weeks before I came to London.

fortunately this is the first part,

there will be more, if you can bear with my super weird mini bangs.

text from the site:


Fed up seeing your friends posting their cute-innocent-oh so adorable puppies or kitties on social media? Have you ever considered to get an exotic animal for a pet?

In this episode, our journalist friend Teguh goes to Barito Pet Market where he had a fun chit-chat with Babe Rahmat, a guy who’s been selling snakes, crocodiles, and hedgehogs, among other things to make a living, for more than a decade.

Barito Pet Market has always been the center of pet shops, with so many endangered and unusual animals. Located in Jalan Barito, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, this market offers you unexpected experience, especially if you’re an animal lover. Dig them yourself and enjoy the beauty of it.


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