SFTC to speak at Pecha Kucha

We are happy to announce that Sounds From the Corner is invited as one of the speakers at Pecha Kucha Night, Tuesday 23 September 2014.


The 19th edition of Pecha Kucha Jakarta is about creative initiatives among Indonesia’s local music scene. The peculiar sphere of music climate in Indonesia – in producing, consuming and distributing – “forced” people to handle and deal with music differently.

Challenges – both business and creative wise – among the community resulted in diverse efforts from people to connect the dots between musicians, people and the industry. Wide gap in awareness of substantial matters (technologies, infra structure, etc.) also fuelled many parties to create projects that match the character of music listeners in Indonesia.

SFTC is invited to share about the aim of the project and we also gonna talk about how we nurture and support the local scene. Many of our good friends are also on the bill for the event: Robin Malau (Musikator), Yulius Iskandar (Bottlesmoker), Sarah Glandosch (Ivy League), Iman Fattah (Music Producer) and many more!

Since I’m in London and Dimas will be in Hong Kong around that date, our team Suryo, Herald and Feri will be there to represent SFTC. It’s gonna be exciting! See you there people.

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