Mondo Gascaro: Beauty by Definition

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 16.53.25 copy

written for Sounds From the Corner

It’s Sunday 16.34 mid June.

You’re at the balcony, helplessly sitting on a wooden bench, sipping lemonade, laze and haze throughout the rest of the day. Everyone is out, the house is empty. Your body loosen up but your mind is boisterous, processing and rewinding several things happened during the week. You browse into moments, fraction of memories in your head, trying to find the right picturesque scene and reside there just a bit longer. Slowly you find the perfect ones and smile impulsively while thinking about them. That split of a second where you wish that it could last for longer and longer. The afternoon is getting warmer, and the wind is simply anaesthetising. Just when the wakefulness is getting thinner, your phone is ringing – it’s your lover, asking to go out for a nice simple dinner to finally close the week with a nice dinner date and a long french kiss.

Above, is one of the scenes that ineluctably popped up while listening to the pillowy, graceful and lavish songs of Mondo Gascaro. That is how I translate the music in my head. Other scenes could potentially involve NY’s Blue Note, Diana Krall or Fedora hats. Once Paul McCartney, now happily married Mondo has proven his ability to design what I called “beauty by definition”. Gascaro’s birth-child Saturday Light is elegant and in the same time, down to earth. I’d say there is only one person in Indonesia that could personalise music to be this unmercifully beautiful; it’s only Mondo. Furthermore, his first impression is the ultimate twist: people will never guess that behind those thick glasses and awkward gestures, lies the soul of Verocai, Brubeck and Jobim.

“Our day will come, and we’ll have everything.”

In Indonesia, Mondo’s musical landscape encompasses what other musicians is trying to grasp desperately. Others usually ended with watery Cajon and Boyz II Men lyrics, but  Mondo does it like A-B-C. His vocal ricochets with confidence, and his beat swings tenderly being escort to the mature and floating lyrics. There is some point where you will smile, listening to his music. It’s no surprise if the joyous album is in line with his current reality: father of one has a lot to anticipate with joy – new life, new family and the new album.

Saturday Light is made of hope and affection. I’m not trying to be cheeky but listening to this music in the end of the year made me revisited many good memories during 2014, and we want you to have that sensation too.

Sounds From the Corner challenges you to define your own fantasy, listening to our newest session. May it be warm, passionate, sexy, full of love or even filthy. Happy new year and see you in 2015. More good music will prevail! Ladies and Gentlemen, Sounds From the Corner presents Mondo Gascaro. Enjoy!

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