Dekat: The long awaited anger

screengrab from SFTC

screengrab from SFTC

Written for Sounds From the Corner

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one” – Benjamin Franklin

Well, this is certainly a good one.

Reading an introduction email from Kamga mid September 2014, my head was besieged by question marks: Is this really the dude from Tangga? I have nothing against them, but it is definitely a rare case, Sounds From the Corner being contacted by a pop group frontman asking for a collaboration. Quickly harnessed my research, question marks instantly faded, replaced by roaring curiosity as I found a lot of interesting evidence why he emailed us in the first place.

Oh man, it is always love-hate-love relationship with record labels. The case with Kamga, Tata and Chevrina is the ultimate classic tale of beefs between bands and label. Money VS independence, access VS flexibility, 6.30AM slot at Dahsyat VS common sense and so forth. But what pegged me even more about the reshaped trio is one thing only: apparently they do HAVE balls. Literally and implicitly. Of course, hopping between being under big label and whatever-the-fuck-people-define-the-term-nowadays is not really a groundbreaking revelation, but what happened with Dekat is truly an authentic story, and we love it.

Politely spilling his concern about how their label tricked them on a Rolling Stone Indonesia article, Dekat alleged spokesperson Kamga said that they realised that they are “no longer a sellable commodity, and tired of going mainstream”. Personally, this is the reason I didn’t even think twice to work with the trio from the beginning.

 Next thing happened after that email was a lot of press coverage announcing the arrival of Dekat to the arena, but it is so obvious there is a big change in the way they approach the crowd. The exposure is a lot wider, with more tangible statement. Dekat has had its own issues, but the trio chose the best way to address them. Blatant difference on digital presence, including pro-active social media interaction and free download self-titled EP is also fair reason to prove the point that Kamga, Chevrina and Tata are indeed, “Lahir Kembali”.

 “Karirku kan tamat, dan kaulah penyebabnya.”

Well, couldn’t be more obvious that that, I guess. Listening to Self Titled EP “Dekat”, I spotted a transition from Tangga’s obligatory pop hooks into more hip-hop electronic excavation which for me is pretty recent and reasonable to be applied by them. While “Istimewa” safe and charming, “Kembali Bekerja” has that EDM pillars with smart poisonous refrain – potentially will be my next Friday night commuting guilty pleasure anthem. Balancing between male+female vocals and rap/spoken words is not easy, but Dekat manages to enhance each role to have equal importance.

We had a lot of fun on the shooting day, racing with the worrying year-end weather at Guvera rooftop and the result is super satisfying. Sounds From the Corner is proud to showcase all of the songs from Dekat Self-titled EP (Available for free download, folks). This session is the perfect refresh button for Kamga, Tata and Chevrina, and the perfect reason why you should come to Dekat’s upcoming gigs.

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