SFTC Short Talks – Artwarding Night

This very moment, Barasuara and Efek Rumah Kaca are two different bands with one true affinity: they are both raw & irrelevant. Iga Massardi’s all-star outfit hasn’t released anything digestible – the sextet’s existence is shyly surfacing thanks to gigs, word of mouth and hazy press coverage from curious journalists.

The latter, is smoothly surviving from a grandiose hiatus, leaving historical trail in the history of Indonesian music – a “rebound project” with exotic angles and a bright future. ERK nobleman Cholil Mahmud has finished his zen moment: years of educational journey with a mixture of Art & Politics at the sleepless city where Frank Sinatra wanted to wake up.

It’s war time, figuratively. Barasuara is leaving the stealth mode progressing to existence, whereas Efek Rumah Kaca is polishing its rusty armor, gearing up cannons. But witnessing this video, do you ever wonder how beautiful the chaos that they will establish onstage, together? I honestly can’t decide whether putting these two giants on the same stage is a smart move or just unfortunately, ludicrous. The stakes are high, the expectation is colossal.

The name Sentimental moods might echoes you to interpret the dapper gentlemen in a particular gesture, but the absence of vocal allows me to elaborate freely their music in a fluid way. Listening to a song, lyrics and vocal often lead people to limit their imagination of how the song could mean.

A sad song means a song with sad lyric. A happy song equals a song with happy lyric. Sentimental Moods’ music bends with what you purely feel, emotionally. For me, that is a rare luxury. Coupled with what Wilde say – to define is to limit, the space established for Sentimental Moods is more than just wild Pogo dance, but also to comfortably embrace your “fantasy”.

Put that crazy fearless freedom and mix it with what WSATCC could offer on the table: truly world’s Indonesian band is basically the most consistent pop group in the game: a cultural chameleon that allows you to love Indonesia and to be cool in the same time. The boys and girls of WSATCC are always spot on, evergreen Indie darling with succulent energy and down to earth personality.

A peculiar night it was watching them rehearsing together. Listening to “Aksi Kucing” melody part played confidently by graceful gang of horn section, resulted in pure joy and anticipation. This “one night stand” between Sentimental Moods & WSATCC is too good to be missed. The way I put it: Bizarrely beautiful.

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