Driving with Dad

This is not my typical music-snob post I promise.

There are two reasons why I’m doing this blog, the first one is Episode 2 of Master of None, and second is how I feel so grateful that these songs, these sounds shaped my identity, unmercifully. Driving with my father is one of the entrances that I took to learn about music. Stuck in his era, my father had given me free lessons of 70s Rock – Clapton and Cream, Plant and LedZep, how big is Jethro Tull and why their flute arrangement was the answer to ProgRock.

Long before it became my fine-tuned umbrella to cultural landscape, music was only simply background in road trips, Sunday morning and other casual occasions. We were spending the weekend together couple weeks ago, and I was in the car with him when he played all of his usual playlists. It was like an instant time machine for me, resurrecting childhood memories. How simple problems were, how good life was. If you inspect this playlist, you could really see that it encompasses a certain period of music, which was my dad’s expertise.

He’s not really talkative, nor an expressive person. For us, music was the easiest way to be connected, to be able to speak the same language, to bridge our perspective and bond as Father and Son. So thanks dad for introducing me to music, it’s now one of the biggest emotional establishments in my life, my friend,  my time machine and my true love.

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