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The Sophomore Integrity

In their second album, L’alphalpha’s imagination set them free from the prison of their agony – if you know what I mean   What is it that makes second albums the crux of the voyage? Post-recognition from the world, it is the feedbacks. It is the responses from the people, that often make bands re-think, re-adjust […]

Meeting McCartney

Here’s a glimpse of my childhood: Every morning at weekends, protruding sound of Dad’s records through his hi-fi awakened my brothers and me. Sometimes it was Robert Plant’s shrilly vox on ‘Black Dog’. On other mornings, it could be those daunting flute solos from Jethro Tull’s ‘Stormwatch’ or some wicked tunes from Zappa. For a […]

That one gig that changes your point of view

We’ve all been to great gigs, but the truly amazing shows change your point of view. You could argue the toss between stadium-sized orgasms and sweaty intimate club sessions, but in the end what really matters is how it could moved you. Too many feelings wrestled in my head during SORE’s comeback concert that evening. […]

Jazz’s new wonderboy

If there were any of SFTC videos that fit the phrase “brought by popular demand”, I would say this session is the one. Right after we published Raisa – our first video – a year ago, the comment box was inundated with people requesting Tulus for the next session. It was everywhere: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook […]

World’s Indonesian band

“Tutupkanlah semua pintu, matikanlah semua lampu kamar kurungku. Hatiku tetap tenang karena ada sinar terang dari Tuhanku” (Koes Plus – Di Dalam Bui) 1965 was an important year for Indonesian music. The country itself was just infant in the eyes of the world. Nearly six decades ago, Indonesia founding father once forbid the incursion of […]

Convenience store, really?

Music product in Indonesia has lost its values Couple months ago, I had this intense conversation with a friend/drummer/producer about his plan to put upcoming album in a convenience store. Of course, today this type of marketing strategy is perceptibly normal, I suppose. I believe you are not surprised anymore finding music albums sold in […]

Angry in Anonymity

Couple of weeks ago, my attention was drowned for awhile into this funny thing. Adi Renaldi wrote a music review about Max Havelaar (Indonesian band) free download single called “Suara Kita Suara Tuhan”. Please find the piece in Jakarta Beat website if you like. I am sure you will easily find the reason why the […]

How Taring delivers the message

You could crosscheck it with Dylan, Lennon, De la Rocha etc; since centuries ago, ideas & messages are delivered through music (you could start with googling “protest song”). Beside the good music itself, a song with right recipe has the infinite power to gather voices and burned down certain expression into one big mass power. […]