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The strange world of the pop throwback euphoria

(Written for Sounds From the Corner) Finally, nostalgia being utilized properly. The challenging part kicks in: how to sustain? In separate places, different gesture timing, Guruh Sukarno Putra and Yockie Suryoprayogo (RIP) hinted similar reasons why the public temporarily “disowned” retro pop music in Indonesia despite how big and colossal the heritage was. For me […]

Tentang Archipelago Festival

Some things are just meant to be. We were in the middle of our South East Asian trip Sep 2016 when I repeatedly expressed my anxiety about this thing I had in my mind to Madrim. I remember we were at Luang Prabang making a trip to an elephant village when I mentioned about creating […]

Tentang Cholil dan menjadi kerdil

Di sepanjang hidup, menulis pernah jadi tulang punggung edukasi, cara mencari nafkah dan cermin untuk berkaca. Setelah melaju terlalu cepat tanpa sempat melihat ke belakang, kini Ia saya jadikan sarana berbenah diri. Tidak sulit menemukannya di antara sesak manusia yang duduk di lobi Ace Hotel, Manhattan. Mungkin Cholil satu-satunya manusia di Midtown New York yang […]


Honorable mentions: Devonte Hynes is definitely back with his vulnerable grooves, while an actual band  with instruments LANY has successfully bridged people’s secret boyband obsession with their juicy attempt of Pop R&B. Chance’s coloring book is a solid prove of his huge progress (he hooked with Ye, Biebs and Future) since Acid Rap, and the […]

Tubuhku Otoritasku

2013; Saya ada di ruangan yang sama dengan Kartika Jahja ketika dia merampungkan rekaman lagu Tubuhku Otoritasku, single pertama album MERAH, yang dirilis 11 Maret 2016 kemarin dalam format digital. Tiga tahun lalu saat Tika menuangkan gagasan-gagasan kritisnya  melalui lagu ini, perbedaan sudut pandang terhadap seksualitas dan identitas gender jelas tidak se-semrawut sekarang. Isu gender […]

Isyana Sarasvati: Anomali, revolusi, kompromi?

Saat Isyana merampungkan setengah porsi pertama aksi operanya malam itu, saya menghembuskan napas lega. Lalu dia memberikan gestur tambahan sambil tersenyum berbisik, “belum selesai.” Dan saya kembali menahan napas, sambil melirik kiri kanan. Isyana Sarasvati cukup membuat saya berpikir, apa yang dia bawa: revolusi atau anomali? Pemikiran ini menjadi semakin kompleks ketika saya menyaksikan dan […]

Driving with Dad

This is not my typical music-snob post I promise. There are two reasons why I’m doing this blog, the first one is Episode 2 of Master of None, and second is how I feel so grateful that these songs, these sounds shaped my identity, unmercifully. Driving with my father is one of the entrances that […]

Periscope Q&A with NOAH @TwitterNYC

I was in NYC when NOAH toured the states, so I decided to invite Ariel and the gang to do a Periscope Q&A in the newly-launched Twitter Headquarter in New York.  Conversation was interesting, several questions around NOAH’s creative process and standpoint towards digital ecosystem in music. Enjoy!

SFTC Short Talks – Artwarding Night

This very moment, Barasuara and Efek Rumah Kaca are two different bands with one true affinity: they are both raw & irrelevant. Iga Massardi’s all-star outfit hasn’t released anything digestible – the sextet’s existence is shyly surfacing thanks to gigs, word of mouth and hazy press coverage from curious journalists. The latter, is smoothly surviving […]

I am lucky (and cursed)

Written for Sounds from the Corner Disclaimer: This is not me being a douche, this is me being realistic (and a bit skeptical). I am also part of the subject, object and predicate in this note, so no finger pointing. This is a grievance equipped with a solution. Being an Indonesian in Jakarta is such […]

Big love for the most hated band in town

Written for Sounds from The Corner “Selamat ulang tahun, jangan jadi tua dan menyebalkan.” I think everyone should agree that in a gig, the word “backstage” often translated as something exclusive, secluded, or even sacred. Physically, backstage divides two worlds between audience and performer, but some people interpret this backstage thing as a separator between […]

Digested (4/15)

Oh man, last post was two months ago! Didn’t mean to abandon this page but things were speeding too fast in such short period. Meanwhile, my last Digested Spotify mixtape: New materials from Sufjan, DCFC, Kendrick, Courtney Barnett, revamped Benjamin Clementine (full band action), Jamie XX and of course new sounds from Tobias Jesso, Deptford […]

Dekat: The long awaited anger

Written for Sounds From the Corner “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one” – Benjamin Franklin Well, this is certainly a good one. Reading an introduction email from Kamga mid September 2014, my head was besieged by question marks: Is this really the dude from Tangga? I have nothing against […]

Mondo Gascaro: Beauty by Definition

written for Sounds From the Corner It’s Sunday 16.34 mid June. You’re at the balcony, helplessly sitting on a wooden bench, sipping lemonade, laze and haze throughout the rest of the day. Everyone is out, the house is empty. Your body loosen up but your mind is boisterous, processing and rewinding several things happened during […]