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Jakarta – Magelang – Semarang – Bali – Tokyo – New Delhi – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Minh – Luang Prabang – Phuket – Phiphi Island (Aug – Oct 2016)

Tentang Cholil dan menjadi kerdil

Di sepanjang hidup, menulis pernah jadi tulang punggung edukasi, cara mencari nafkah dan cermin untuk berkaca. Setelah melaju terlalu cepat tanpa sempat melihat ke belakang, kini Ia saya jadikan sarana berbenah diri. Tidak sulit menemukannya di antara sesak manusia yang duduk di lobi Ace Hotel, Manhattan. Mungkin Cholil satu-satunya manusia di Midtown New York yang […]


I felt so stupid, standing there like a complete fool. Helplessly watching you enter the gate and fly million fucking miles away from me.  I felt so stupid, letting us both live between this ridiculous distance and time difference. What we have built has no currency, and you’ve made me find the best version of […]

Titik Nol

Apa yang bisa Anda harapkan dari buku rilisan lokal bertema travel? Rasanya lebih dari sepuluh kali saya mengakhiri hari tertunduk lemas menemukan rak buku bertema travel di toko buku lokal dikangkangi oleh judul-judul yang tak jauh dari “Panduan Hemat berwisata ke ___”, atau “Lima Juta Keliling ___”. Kondisi lain juga kurang menghibur, judul-judul sok inovatif […]

Why I Travel

It’s clearly not a mistake when someone said that traveling is his/her hobby. It is also obviously accurate if someone said that traveling is his/her favorite activity during weekends and holidays. There is no single doubt that traveling brought me into the next level of living. Its punishing yet beautiful process of self-discovery has taught […]

Medan; Gastroversity

Diversity never taste this good Hola amigo! Been awhile since my last post. Things stampede at the fast lane in the last 4 weeks, very exciting indeed. For the first one and a half week, I’m doing a piece in Medan about cross culture melting pot through their diverse eateries for natgeo. It was crazy, […]

What happened before “Maknyus”

A very interesting chat with the former investigative journalist now turns into publicly known local culinary savvy. Yet located in the highlands, he put some Mediterranean touch into his super artsy and comfy crib (thanks to his Spanish wife). I did the piece for Natgeo Traveler, but as usual, you could find some interesting – […]

Mr. Inpong

One of the essences of traveling is going back home. Imagine a scene of your old days, in the future. What could possibly appear? I picture myself in a very warm living room, sitting in the middle of beautiful photographs of my younger years. I will sit in a super comfy sofa, relaxing, listening to […]